Twas the night before the CD release

April 19, 2010

Here I sit, the night before my brand new Brunch CD hits the streets. I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment at having created an album that I am immensely proud of and the anticipation and wonder of how my new music will be received by listeners.

The idea for this album was hatched about a year ago. I decided to create an album full of music that would be great for weekend mornings. It would set the perfect tone for the casual, feel-good vibes of having freedom and space from the work week — perfect music for brunch. And who doesn’t love brunch?

Recording began in November 2009 and, after a break for my Christmas touring schedule, resumed in January 2010. In my previous albums I shared my melodies with saxophone and guitar. This time around, I wanted to create a trio album. I decided to fully feature the piano as well as show flashes of my jazz improvisation skills. This CD was a blast to create and I greatly enjoy listening to it even though I’ve heard these tunes countless times!

So here I am, sending my baby off into the world. The minutia of tracking down odd clicking noises in the piano during recording sessions, recovering data from crashed hard drives, and wondering whether the snare reverb is the right one no longer concern me. When I hold my new CD in my hand it just makes me smile.


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