Music for a weekend morning, hanging out with your family, drinking your coffee, relaxing in your favorite chair or driving with the windows down. Get your morning glow on with the best brunch music around. Don't you deserve Brunch every day?

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What I Like About This Album

With my Brunch CD I wanted to capture a consistently sunny and optimistic morning vibe. I wanted to create a lifestyle CD—a soundtrack for coffee, reading the news and settling into your own personal comfort zone on a casual morning.

A number of tracks like “Java Jive,” “Up-N-Atm” and “Double Shot” (of espresso!) have really infectious grooves and energy. They just feel great to play! I really like the end of “Up-N-Atm” and “Double Shot” where we just keep jamming and pouring more energy into it. If the music didn’t fade it could go on for quite a while and probably will in the live performance!

“Glow” and “Daybreak” are all about the early morning vibe: the inner peace that you have as you see the sun rise, the comfort of relaxing in your favorite chair, the hopeful outlook for a brand new day.

“Me Time” is about curling up with that cup of coffee and having some space to yourself. It puts you in a nice frame of mind to gather your thoughts and energy for the day.

“On My Way,” “Drive” and “Anthem” are windows-down driving tunes that give you that great feeling of freedom. The wind in you hair (or in my case on my head), the sun on your face and the open road ahead that beckons you on as you thump your hand on the steering wheel.

“Blueberry Girl” was written for my mother. One of her favorite things is to pick blueberries in Michigan and, of course, eat them. This tender and sweet piece was a birthday gift to her and I wanted to include it on the CD so that I could share it with everyone.


“Stryke’s new work BRUNCH is my album of the year so far! There is not a poor track on this album.”

Stewart Coxhead,

“The essence of a warm and sunny Sunday morning shines through on every track of Sam Stryke’s new CD, Brunch. Along with that cup of coffee and the paper, Brunch should be part of everybody’s Sunday morning routine.”

Rick O’Dell, 87.7 FM, Chicago’s Smooth Jazz

“delectable, ultimately listenable jazz that's ideal for a sunny morning or afternoon”

John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press

“The unique sound of Brunch makes you forget the clock and what day it is. Sam Stryke’s latest musical endeavor finds a way to take you to a place where you just feel like starting a new day with a clean slate and a smile on your face.This is a must CD even if you aren’t a morning person.This by far is Sam’s best work and his maturation as an artist is evident on every track.”

Bill Simonson, The Huge Show

“A perfect Sunday morning? The Sunday “Press”, hot java, scrambled egg strata, and Sam Stryke’s BRUNCH as the headline! Stryke’s lastest release in BRUNCH will demand a second helping.”

Shelley Irwin, WGVU Morning Show


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